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At Moon Child Care, we understand that every child's journey is unique, and our mission is to provide a nurturing environment that fosters their growth and development. Located in the heart of Roslindale, our daycare has been serving families since 2004, offering a comprehensive curriculum tailored to each child's individual needs.

Our passionate owner, Mireya, and our dedicated team of experienced professionals work tirelessly to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere where children can thrive. Through engaging activities, hands-on learning experiences, and a strong focus on love and care, we empower our young learners to discover their full potential and develop a lifelong love for learning.

At Moon ChildCare, we strive to make the enrollment process simple and stress-free for our families. To begin, please contact us to schedule a tour, discuss availability, and learn more about our programs. Our team is here to assist you in completing the necessary paperwork and guide you through every step, ensuring a smooth transition for both you and your child.

Our comprehensive curriculum at Moon Child Care is designed to promote the cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development of each child. Through hands-on learning experiences, engaging activities, and creative play, we foster curiosity, inspire a love for learning, and nurture the unique potential of every young learner.

At Moon child Care, we offer a variety of programs to meet the diverse needs of our children and families. In addition to our regular weekday curriculum, we are excited to announce the upcoming launch of a weekend art program, providing further opportunities for creativity and self-expression in a fun and nurturing environment.

About Us

Moon Child Care was founded in Boston in 2004 by our passionate owner, Mireya, who has dedicated her life to providing exceptional childcare services. Our daycare has grown over the years, but our commitment to creating a warm, nurturing, and educational environment for every child remains at the heart of what we do.

Come Visit Us

We invite you to experience the warm and nurturing atmosphere of Moon ChildCare by scheduling a visit. Meet our dedicated staff, tour our facility, and discover firsthand the enriching programs and activities that make our daycare a truly exceptional place for your child to learn and grow.

Our Pre-School. Our Family. Our Community

With Mireya's unwavering passion for childcare and a strong belief in the importance of early education, Moon Child Care has flourished since its inception. Our team of experienced professionals shares Mireya's dedication, working together to provide an environment where children feel safe, supported, and inspired to learn and grow.

At Moon Child Care, we take pride in our rich history and look forward to continuing to serve families in the Boston community for years to come, guided by our love for children and our commitment to their growth and development.


Engaging Storytime: We incorporate engaging and age-appropriate stories into our daily routine, encouraging children to develop listening skills, comprehension, and a love for reading.Interactive Writing Activities: We provide opportunities for children to practice their writing skills through fun and interactive activities, such as journaling, letter formation, and creative storytelling.Language-Rich Environment: Our classroom is filled with a variety of reading materials and resources that promote language development and encourage children to explore the world of words.

Hands-On Learning: We provide children with hands-on experiences that allow them to explore STEM concepts through fun and engaging activities, such as building structures, conducting simple experiments, and participating in interactive games.Age-Appropriate Content: Our STEM curriculum is tailored to each age group, ensuring that activities and materials are suitable for the children's developmental stage and abilities.

Process Art: We encourage children to enjoy the process of creating art, emphasizing exploration and experimentation rather than the finished product.Diverse Materials: Children have the opportunity to work with a wide range of art materials, including paint, clay, collage materials, and recycled items, nurturing their curiosity and

resourcefulness. Art

Techniques: Our curriculum introduces children to various art techniques, such as painting, drawing, printmaking, and sculpture, broadening their artistic repertoire.

Thought-Provoking Activities: We engage children in age-appropriate activities that stimulate their critical thinking abilities, such as puzzles, open-ended questions, and collaborative projects.Encouraging Exploration: We create a supportive environment where children are encouraged to ask questions, experiment, and learn from their experiences, fostering a sense of curiosity and resourcefulness.

Why Moon Childcare?

Experienced and Passionate Staff: Our team of dedicated professionals is highly trained and experienced in early childhood education.

Comprehensive Curriculum: Our well-rounded curriculum covers all aspects of early childhood education, including cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development. We incorporate hands-on learning experiences, engaging activities, and creative play to stimulate curiosity and instill a love for learning.

Safe and Nurturing Environment: The safety and well-being of our children are our top priorities. Our facility is designed with safety in mind, and our staff members are trained in first aid and emergency procedures. We create a warm, nurturing atmosphere where children feel secure and supported.

Strong Parent Partnerships: We value open communication and collaboration with our families. We encourage parents to be involved in their child's education and maintain strong partnerships to ensure a seamless and positive experience for both children and parents.

What Our Families are Saying

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